Brussels Photowalk with Ivo Popov

Welcome to my new monthly photography event – Brussels Photowalk with Ivo Popov. Once a month we will gather in the city centre and for a few hours, will explore and photograph the city. We will discuss photography tips, technics and common photography problems. I will help you overcome some of your photography difficulties and hopefully teach you a bit to see the world a bit more creatively 🙂 You will be able to practice photography in a small international group with like minded people guided by a professional photographer.

Sounds interesting?

You will practice how to:

  • See the world around you from a creative perspective
  • Be a curious and more patient photographer
  • Take more engaging pictures
  • Use geometric shapes and lines when composing architectural images
  • Develop your “photographer’s eye” using your camera or smartphone
  • Train your eyes to see the details that matter
  • Find interesting subjects and beauty all around you

When we have a full group (9 participants) small competitions are organised and the price is a photo book!

Duration:  2 hours  / Price: 25 Euro 

Schedule: 20th of March 2022 / Starting time: 09:30 / Location will be confirmed when booking!


All ages and skill levels are welcome. Advance reservation is required.