Improve your composition

Julius Shulman once said that the camera is the least important element in photography. He was of course right. But what is the most important one? You can definitely put composition very high on the list of important elements.

Done right, composition can make a good photo even from dullest objects and subjects. A poorly done composition is also something you can’t usually fix in post-processing. Cropping can sometimes save an image, but only when tighter framing and removal of certain portion of the image is at all possible.

This workshop will help you get on your way to mastering composition in photography.

To understand what composition is just think about what you feel when you see a good photo (or a bad one for that matter)? All elements in a good photo just feel in the right places, everything looks aesthetically pleasing. Composition is all about balance. You have to make sure all the elements present in the photo are necessary for the story you are trying to pass on.

What will we learn on this workshop?

  • We will practice composition techniques
  • We will cover the basics of getting photographs with good composition
  • We will discuss photo examples
  • I will share with you tips for improving your composition
  • We will talk about framing, negative space, rule of thirds, geometry, leading lines and more ways to perfect the composition of your photos

This composition photography workshop in Brussels is in English. Please enquire for more info!

What do I need to join the workshop?

  • Camera – any camera will do!
  • Lens / Lenses – most DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras come with a kit lens of 18-55mm and it will work just fine. If you have more then one lens, feel free to bring them as well!
  • Notebook if you want to take notes

PRICE: 115 Euro / 1 day / 10:00h – 16:00h

Leading lines help viewers explore the photo