Online portfolio review

Get constructive feedback on your work by online photography portfolio review from a working professional photographer!

Posting a photo online and not getting any meaningful or helpful feedback from other photographers can be very frustrating and painful experience. Surely your friends and family love your photography and praise your work, but that is nowhere near helpful for growing your work and improving your technique.

Getting an online photography portfolio review is probably the best way to improve your photography. This service is not just for the advanced photographers – beginners and intermediate photographers can also greatly benefit from a portfolio review.

Portfolio Reviews can be an intense experience, both for the reviewer and photographer and in my professional opinion this is the best way to grow.

Online photography portfolio review

My portfolio review sessions can help you:

  • Get expert and objective feedback on your images
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve the way you measure your own work
  • Better present and organise your work

Tips for taking the best out of the session:

  • Choose which images are your favourites and which are your least favourite and make sure you can explain why
  • Make a short list of the things you feel you need to improve in your work
  • Make a short list of the obstacles you think are in your way to create better photos
  • Make a short list with questions you would like to ask

PRICE: 120 EURO / 60 Minutes

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