Street and Travel Photography Workshop

Street photos are not just ordinary snapshots of reality. When you put a frame around a certain moment, you separate it from reality and it becomes a concentrated essence of who you are as photographer.

What will this workshop be like? This is a mixed online and real life photography workshop. We will meet online once a week for 2 hours for the theory and to discuss your work and you will do the assignments at your own time. I will be reachable over email during the week in case you need guidance or help with your assignment.

The workshop will be spread over 7 consecutive weeks without fixed dates (we can choose the dates based on your availability) so that I am sure you can attend all of the classes. All assignments are practical and will require you to take photos in different settings taking into account your personal interests.

So, what is street photography? If you are a member of a photography forum or group you have probably heard a million different definitions.

For me street photography is creating art photos in public spaces by capturing everyday life or just the urban landscapes around us. It’s a form of candid photography, meaning your subjects aren’t aware they’re being photographed which creates more realistic and powerful images. And it doesn’t stop with photographing people – abstract photos even urban landscapes are equal part of it.

What do you need to start practicing street photography? You need to know the basics of photography and have a strong understanding of composition. If you are a complete beginner, taking the “Everything you need to know” basic photography workshop and then this one is recommended.

What will you learn on this workshop?

  • I will tailor the workshop to your specific interests
  • We will start with the theory and will discuss the work of some of the best street photographers in the world
  • You will have assignments every week and we will asses the results
  • We will talk about inspiration and creativity
  • I will teach you how to enjoy the process of photographing on the streets and how to approach photographing people
  • We will watch videos and look at before / after photos
  • I will show you how to select your best photos and edit them
  • You will learn where and how to start with creating personal photo projects / photo essays
  • We will discuss photography gear that is most suitable for street photography
  • You will join an international group of like minded photographers for a continued education and inspiration after the workshop

Photographing strangers of the street is something most people struggle with, so we will have a special part of the workshop dedicated to the process of creating street portraits – candids and posed.

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Price: 399 Euro / Price for people who have already taken a workshop with me: 350 Euro. Book another workshop at the same time and get a 20% discount.

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Gift certificates available!