Are you an aspiring photographer?

Would you like to learn photography with an award winning professional photographer? You are at the right place!

Why choose my workshop?

  • I personalise the workshop based on the attendants knowledge and requirements
  • I provide personal feedback during and after the workshop to all attendants
  • I have created a workshop that will teach you how to create beautiful photos, not overwhelm you with unnecessary and boring technical details and rules.
  • By joining my workshop you become a member of a growing international community of like minded photography enthusiast for a continuous education past the current workshop. We do regular online meetings and photowalks in Brussels and beyond.
  • I donate a small amount of the workshop fee for every person attending to a charity picked by you.

What people say: “I am very glad that I came across your workshop! It was extremely interesting and inspiring for me. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Mostly because I found in myself a desire and motivation to go out and put into practice what I learned. Something I didn’t have before and I only used my camera when there was an occasion (visiting a particularly interesting place, for example).

Now I know that any moment can be a good time to take a beautiful shot. I would definitely recommend your workshop to other people interested in photography. Thank you!” – Siana

Sounds interesting?

Basic Photography Workshop – 2 Days

ONLINE EDITION – Basic Photography Workshop – 2 Days

ONLINE EDITION – Editing Your Photos With Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Portrait Photography Workshop – 2 days


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