Would you like to learn photography with a working award winning professional photographer?

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Photography workshops in Brussels

My name is Ivo Popov and I am a full time professional freelance photographer with a wide array of photographic experience, an obsessive jogger, a mountain lover, a skier, a yoga amateur, a movie fanatic and a father!

Why choose my workshop?

  1. I personalise the workshop based on the attendants knowledge and requirements
  2. I provide personal feedback during and after the workshop to all attendants
  3. I have created a workshop that will teach you how to create beautiful photos, not overwhelm you with unnecessary and boring technical details and rules.
  4. By joining my workshop you become part of a growing international community of like minded photography enthusiast for a continuous education past the current workshop.

Sounds interesting?

Please check the workshop schedule from the menu on top and if you have any questions or need more information do not hesitate to contact me at my personal email:  ivo.popov@gmail.com. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Gift certificates are available for all workshops.

New workshop dates for the three day intensive “Everything you need to know 3 day workshop” in Brussels: 

Portrait photography workshop March 2020Basic Photography Workshop April 2020 Basic Photography Workshop May 2020
28.03.2020 (Day 1) and 29.03.2020 (Day 2)05.04.2020 (Day 1 theory) and 26.04.2020 (Day 2 practice)03.05.2020 (Day 1 theory) and 10.05.2020 (Day 2 practice)
Portrait photography workshop - 2 daysThe "Everything you need to know" workshop - 3 daysThe "Everything you need to know" workshop - 3 days
Price: 250 EuroPrice: 250 EuroPrice: 250 Euro
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