Photo editing with Adobe Lightroom

Learn photo editing with Adobe Lightroom

NEW DATE: 27.10.2019 // PRICE: 165 EURO  (up to 3 participants), 140 Euro (4 or 5 participants).

Maximum 5 participants.

Editing your photos is the best way to make them stand out in the ocean of photos that is around us. Everybody can buy a pro level camera and learn how to use it properly, not everyone will spend time and effort to edit their photos. It is a pity really since basic editing is really easy and fast. Using a software like Adobe Lightroom can help immensely when it comes to managing, backing up, editing, printing and displaying online your photographs.

But honestly, do I need to edit my photos? Modern cameras are quite good in getting good enough results in camera. Sure, if you are happy with good enough don’t bother editing your photos.

Would you like to learn how to edit your photos to maximise the potential of your digital camera? Would you like to add a professional finish to your pictures? Are you interested in a step by step editing tutorial?

If yes, this workshop is exactly for you!

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • How to manage your photo collection
  • How to create adequate back ups for your digital memories
  • Understanding the JPEG vs. RAW choice when it comes to editing
  • How to import and edit images with Adobe Lightroom
  • Tips and tricks
  • Noise removal
  • You will learn about different options for displaying your images – slideshows, uploading them to various websites, creating online portfolio website and photo books

During the workshop I will explain how to photograph your images with the intent of editing them later, will show you a lot of “before and after” images and I will explain step by step how they were created.

You do not need to buy Adobe Lightroom to follow the workshop. A 30-day fully functional trial version can be downloaded from Adobe’s site. You need to have a laptop with Lightroom already installed. 




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