This two day online photo workshop in Brussels is held in real time with a real life instructor. What does that mean?

No fixed workshop dates. Contact me and we will arrange a date possible for you (weekend or weekday)!

Price: 120 Euro // Attend two workshops and get a 10% discount

On the chosen date from the safety of your home you will log in online to attend the workshop with your instructor Ivo Popov. What do you need? Computer, web camera and Internet connection*. You will be an active participant – you ask questions and comment on the topics.

*How easy it is to join an online class? SUPER EASY 😉 All necessary information about how to attend will be sent to you in advance. The teleconference software we will use is an industry standard and super easy to use! High definition sound and video.

This is not going to be just another boring photography class!

We have all heard that we need to invest in our skills, not in new camera gear. It’s sounds simple enough, but still quite a lot of people are putting way too much effort in acquiring the latest and greatest cameras instead of investing in their skills to become better photographers.

No camera ever invented will make great photographs on its own!

Pointing the camera towards a great location and pressing the shutter is not enough to create an interesting and captivating photo. It is your decisions based on your skills, vision and expertise that will come into play in order to create an amazing and captivating photograph from a beautiful location.

This decisions can transform even an ordinary location into an extraordinary photo, a good light in to a gorgeous light, even a boring street scene to a captivating image.

Regardless of what popular believe is, that latest camera is not the ultimate creative tool. You are! By joining this workshop you will learn how to channel that creativity to create beautiful photos!

This is a small group workshop, confirm fast to secure your spot at 

What will this workshop do for you?

It will help you to learn the basics that really matter! I know that it can be an overwhelming process to flip through the camera’s manual, so I have created a comprehensive course to break it down to the basics, a course that is simple and understandable.

If you expect another photography workshop filled with numbers and boring things you need to memorise, this course is not for you. If you need a workshop to inspire you and help you make the next step towards becoming a better photographer, that you are in the right place 

The workshop will be easy to understand, yet full of information. I will give personal advice to every participant and help you with information about specific photography subjects you might be interested in!

The workshop is roughly 30% technical knowledge and 70% inspiration, tips and tricks.

More info about my experience: I am a professional photographer working, for the past 14 years, with clients all over the world. I have extensive knowledge about photography and have done numerous photography workshops in Brussels as well as a photography class in the “International School of Brussels“.

What are we going to learn in this beginner photography workshop?

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • DAY 1 – The Basics
  • Debunking some photography myths
  • The fundamental elements of great photographs
  • How to be creative in photography
  • How to use your Digital camera, so you can get the most of it
  • Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO and how they all work together. Exposure compensation.
  • Aperture priority, shutter priority and manual mode (and which one to actually use)
  • Understanding the JPEG vs. RAW choice
  • White Balance, Exposure, Highlights and Histogram
  • We will talk a lot about composition and how to capture good moments in your photos
  • How to photograph in difficult / bad lightning conditions, when to find the best light (photographing sunsets and at night)
  • You will have a small assignment for the second workshop day!
  • DAY 2 – All the rest
  • You will get to know the most powerful image editor –  Adobe Lightroom
  • You will learn how to creatively use your camera’s most important functions
  • You will learn how to make portraits in different locations and under different light

Meet your instructor

Ivo Popov

This online real time photography workshop is in English. Please enquire for more info! Would you like to know more about me? Please take a look here: about Ivo Popov

What do I need to join the workshop?

  • Computer with a web camera
  • Internet connection
  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
  • Notebook to take notes

Learning materials will be provided free of charge for every participant! 

What past attendees are saying about their workshop experience:

“This is one of the best experiences I ever had! I won’t miss this if you are looking for a photography (practical) workshops. Ivo’s enthusiasm and his love for photography as an art and the craft is viral )) As well as his knowledge and minimalistic hands-on approach. You would be amazed how fast your eyes and hands will start to notice what was “invisible” before. Looking forward to more city photowalks! Thank you, Ivo”  – Natasha

“I’m very glad I attended this workshop. It was 2 two very interesting days full of new information. As a very beginner I received the most essential knowledge about photography. I’m sure, after this workshop I’ll never look through my viewfinder in the same way!” – Neil

”I have attended classes and workshops in the past and this one is the best. Ivo emphasized how the camera is only 10% of the outcome of a photograph. 90% is the photographer. I learned how to spot and take interesting photos under any conditions.” – Mell

To chose this workshop was the best decision I made. Ivo is a big professional and I have learned many good tips and starting to look on my subject from a different perspective. Sometimes is so easy to make a great shot! It was excellent! – Jana

“This workshop was an excellent experience for me because it re-initiated my motivation to get out there and photograph more ofter, while at the same time providing me with some very practical advice on how to go about it. Namely, that light and composition, for example, are far more important that the model and make of the camera/lens. Ivo managed very well to translate his talent and passion for taking great pictures into very pragmatic and down-to-earth explanations, which I find extremely useful and helpful when I now take photos myself.” – Violeta

Despite loving taking pictures, I always felt like I was lacking some technical knowledge and Ivo’s workshop really helped me to understand how my camera functions and how to use it to get different desired effects. The information was presented very concisely, in a clear manner which made it very easy to grasp. Overall the workshop was very informational and a lot of fun; I think it will definitely change the way that I take photos in the future. – Tessa

“I had the opportunity to take part in Ivo’s workshop and as an absolute beginner I really enjoyed it. I had the possibility to learn more about my camera’s settings but most importantly how to improve the way I take and look at pictures.
Ivo thought us on how to think out of the box when we take pictures while at the same time the need to consider some standard rules on composition.
Now more than ever I am willing to put into practice what I’ve learned! Thank you” – Cinzia

Ivo is a very open and friendly person a part from being a very good photographer. I discovered his pictures by surfing in facebook and decided to go for the workshop. The outdoor experience is fascinating.” – Loredana

“Thank you for this excellent training! Very practical in terms of information provided and exercises included, but also very inspirational one.” – Antoaneta

“A workshop with very practical tips to improve your photography skills. It doesn’t matter what level you start with, it is certain that you will pick up some useful stuff that will make you better. I’d advise it to everyone.” – Kris Van Marcke

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