Behind the photo: Chamonix, France

Aiguille du Dru (3754m)

Aiguille du Dru (3754m), Chamonix, France // Fujifilm XT-2 with Fujinon 23mm F1.4 // F8.0, ISO320, 1/2500

I love mountains! You can probably deduct that by looking at the photos on the website 🙂 One of my favourite spots in the world is the small town of Chamonix, the home of the tallest peak in Western Europe – Mont Blanc, located in the french Alps. It is a town surrounded by tall peaks and glaciers and is a perfect place to do some hiking and take mountain photos.

But this is the thing about mountains – they make you work for the photos you take 🙂 Most people will not go high in the mountains when the weather is less than ideal and  because of that will miss countless amazing photo opportunities.

It was a stormy day with lots of clouds and I decided to walk one of my favourite trails in Chamonix – Grand Balcon Nord. It is a relatively easy trek overlooking Chamonix and most of the valley. The trail is on one side of the valley just under Les Aiguilles de Chamonix. I have been there lots of times and nowadays I will only take photos if I see something really nice.

I was almost at the end of the trek and I was a bit frustrated that I still have not taken any photos. I climbed the final steep part and stood on the small peak called Signal Forbes (2198 m). I wanted to go down as fast as possible since I expected the storm will start any moment. I picked up my backpack and started descending. At that exact moment the clouds in front of me parted and uncovered one of my favourite peaks – Aiguille du Dru (3754m). The sun was just behind and the light was simply gorgeous. The peak looked breath taking in the afternoon light, surrounded by the stormy clouds. The moment lasted only a few short minutes and then the magic was gone.

This is my favourite photo from this journey and one that already hangs on the wall of my apartment.

Technical data: Fujifilm XT-2 with Fujinon 23mm F1.4 lens and F8.0, ISO320, 1/2500 s.

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