Don’t invest in camera gear, invest in your skills!

Don’t invest in camera gear, invest in your skills. It’s sounds simple enough, but still quite a lot of people are putting way too much effort in acquiring the latest and greatest instead of investing in their skills to become better photographers.

No camera ever invented will make great photographs on its own. Pointing the camera towards a great location and pressing the shutter is not enough to create an interesting and captivating photo. It is your decisions based on your skills, vision and expertise that will come into play in order to create an amazing and captivating photograph from a beautiful location.

This decisions can transform even an ordinary location into an extraordinary photo, a good light in to a gorgeous light, even a boring street scene to a captivating image.

Regardless of what popular believe is, that latest camera is not the ultimate creative tool. You are.

Don't invest in camera gear, invest in your skills

And don’t get me wrong – your choice of camera and lenses does matter, but not nearly as much as you do!

Most people making their first steps into photography will start by buying photography gear, reading reviews, studying settings and options and will pay little to no attention at all to what actually makes a photo great.

And this is plain wrong. It will be us as photographers that will decide how to combine all the elements at our disposal, how to use lines and perspective, which moments to choose and how to use the available light and contrast.

Your camera is just a tool to translate your creative vision. To tell better stories with your camera, you will need to master the principles behind interesting and compelling photographs, not learn settings and rely on your new camera to do the job. 

Don’t invest in camera gear, invest in your skills! How do you do that you ask? Well, there are plenty of free online resources available (consider reading the articles already posted on my website) or you can always enrol in a photography workshop as the one I teach: “The everything you need to know workshop“.

I know you have many questions and I have answers!

Q. But can you really learn how to take beautiful and interesting photos?

A. Of course you can! The principles behind all the beautiful and interesting photos are simple and easy to learn and apply.

Q. Will enrolling to your workshop actually improve my photography?

A. Yes it will! And not because I will give you some fast tips and tricks that will instantly make your pictures better, but because I will explain and practice with you the process of creating compelling photographs.

Q: What if I’m not really technical?

A: Well, the good news is you really don’t need to be 🙂 This workshop will not be about settings and diving into camera menus, but about composition and what to do with all visual elements in a scene, how to recognise and combine them into a beautiful photograph.

Q. I really don’t have the time and desire to invest myself too much. Can I just have the secret to making good photos, so I can skip the work?

A. Well, why not: Learn the principles of visual design, understand what makes people respond to photographs the way they do, then combine those in creative ways based on your own vision and intent. Not really helpful? Well, the truth is there are no secrets or shortcuts when you learn photography. Getting to know the basics of photography and practicing is the way!

Enrol in to the “Everything you need to know workshop” now by clicking here!

Don't invest in camera gear, invest in your skills