Behind the photo: Varanasi, India

If you expect to nail your idea with the first shot when you are on location taking photos, you are greatly mistaken. Nobody nails the first one, this is not how photography works. 

The bird feeder, Varanasi, India 2020 / Fujifilm XT-2, Fujinon 16-55 F/2.8

I took the photo above during my 2020 Photo Adventure in India. It was an early morning in Varanasi. I feel in love with the idea of this photo, so approached closer and started taking photos.

For those interested a few numbers: I spent 12 days in India in February 2020 and came back home with 12500 photos. Used only 1 lens for 99% of the photos (16-55mm F/2.8). Broke one camera 🙂 After the first very rough selection ended up with ±1260 photos. Second selection brought that down to ±550. From them I managed to select about ±150 finals that I like enough to keep and show.

So why shoot so many photos if I end up using only a very small percent in the end?

Hopefully this will be a good example: I took 281 photos at this spot for about 15 minutes, from the same angle, with the same settings. Just one photo used in the end – the photo you see above.

You tell me if it is worth the effort 🙂

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