Want to improve your photography? Go out of your comfort zone!

Want to improve your photography? Go out of your comfort zone!

You have probably heard that one already. But do you understand why is this important for your growth as a photographer? The answer is quite simple – our comfort zone discourages or really stops any real learning because it limits your exposure to new places, ideas and opportunities. Set in our ways and routines, we will do what we always do. And this does not apply only to photography, it applies to everything in our lives.

The Mountains Are Calling” photography project. Fuji XT-2, Fujinon 16-55 F2.8 (c) 2020 Ivo Popov Photography

Most people choose to never get out of their comfort zones, it is easier and comfortable. Why change that at all?

Because when it comes to photography trying new gear, new angles, new subjects, traveling and exposing ourselves to new locations and cultures will be a tremendous boost to our creativity. And practicing in the field will make wonders for your photography skills.

So how do you go out of your comfort zone? Here are a few simple techniques:

  1. Photograph only with a prime lens for a month. Don’t have a prime lens? Use your zoom lens only at a specific focal length, for example 35mm. This will make you see the world around you in a new way. No more lazy zooming in and out, now you will need to use your feet to get closer or move away. I have been photographing with prime lenses for close to 15 years already and I know how much they can boost your creativity and inspiration.
  2. Photograph only in Black and White for a while. Most new cameras allow you take photos directly in black an white in you camera. Shoot in RAW and that way you can easily get the colour back later if you want to. Doing this will really allow you to concentrate on the subject you are photographing and not get distracted by the colours.
  3. Are you afraid to photograph people? Ask your friends or colleagues to pose for a simple portrait. This is the best way to overcome your fear of approaching people to photograph.
Indian Coffee House / Kolkata / India, Fuji XT-2, Fujinon 16-55mm F2.8 (c) 2020 Ivo Popov Photography

4. Change the type of photography you do. Try street photography or landscapes, shoot portraits for a while or still life. There is always another type of photography you can try.

5. Take part in a workshop. Are you a landscape photographer? Consider taking a Street Photography Workshop. Are you a street photographer? Take a Portrait Photography Workshop. This will allow you to see your photography from a different angle and yes, it will be hard adjusting a first, but the rewards will be good!

So don’t wait until tomorrow, pack your bag and go now! You will thank me later ๐Ÿ™‚

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