Wedding Photography Workshop in Brussels

Wedding Photography Workshop in Brussels

This coaching session is perfect for advanced photographers who want to start photographing weddings.

I love photography and I like to create beautiful and creative images for my clients. I’ve been a full time practicing professional wedding photographer for about 12 years now and I have received multiple awards from all major wedding photography associations.

I consider my approach to photographing weddings a photojournalistic one and I like simple and honest images.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph weddings all around the world (almost everywhere in Europe as well as in Brazil, Dubai, India, UK, Ireland and USA to name a few). I have photographed weddings on beaches and in castles, during sunsets and in the rain, in snow and heat, in a beautiful and in bad light). I don’t believe in forced and uncomfortable poses and my aim is always to document the day as natural and real as possible.


If you are interested in the way I work, how I guide my clients, how I edit, present and market my images, please get in touch. I provide a custom “one on one” coaching session during which I will answer all you questions and I will take a look and review your portfolio. We will also talk about being confident around your clients and getting them to trust you. We will discuss emotions, inspiration and creativity. We will talk about posing a couple and getting great unposed portraits. In the end you will be ready to follow your passion in photography, inspired and confident! If you still have not built a portfolio we will discuss how to do that as well!

Some of the things we will discuss:

  • How to build a better portfolio
  • Why posing people is super easy
  • Where to get inspiration
  • Marketing yourself to get more bookings
  • Destination weddings
  • How to be more confident with your clients
  • How to prepare yourself for your first wedding
  • SEO

PRICE: 350 EURO / 4 hours (in person or Skype)

Wedding Photography Workshop in Brussels  Wedding Photography Workshop in BrusselsWedding Photography Workshop in Brussels Wedding Photography Workshop in Brussels Wedding Photography Workshop in Brussels